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How does a move take place?


We evaluate free of charge and plan your move, according to the particularity of each work.


Furniture packing, and personal belongings, home appliances, fragile kitchen accessories.


Safely transport with vans and trucks adapted to your needs.


We assure the goods from packing, handling and shipping until they get safely into your new home

Moving to another house, changing cities or even the country are major changes and sources of stress. Choose MEGAMUTARI, a serious company in the field, to make everything more easier and with fewer chances to encounter inconvenience during the transfer.  

Moving can become a real job, there are many aspects and factors to consider. Your organization may be difficult and is a source of great stress, but with the support of one specialized company can make this moment easier to be administered


Residential moves

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Do you want to move? A consultant will be at your disposal and will help organize the move.

Companies moves

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Whether you move your business from one location to another or just expand, we offer you the best services.

Special moves

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Safe transport and handling of bulky or heavy objects in narrow spaces, stairs or rough terrain​.

Custom purchase (Custom-made shopping)

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We buy the requested products and bring them directly to your home.  



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We help you with packing, wrapping, and all is necessary for your furniture or your objects to be safe.

Furniture handling

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Complete management of the transfer, handling of furniture and objects from one house to another.


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The transport is done in full safety conditions, the furniture and all the objects being anchored and protected during transport.

Furniture assembly

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In addition to furniture assembly-disassembly, we also provide relocation related services.


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