Opinia clientului,  Joi am plasat comanda,sâmbătă mi au fost livrate produsele Recomand cu toată încrederea Sunt foarte profesionişti şi lucrează foarte bine, chiar rapid aș putea spune Recomand cu toată încrederea Serviciu ireprosabil pe toată durata colaborarii. Recomand cu caldură pentru ambele servicii de mutări și comenzi IKEA cât și pentru montajul produselor Recomand cu toată încrederea Echipa super profesionistă care, deși lucrăm de ani de zile împreună, nu ne-a dezamăgit niciodata Recomand cu toată încrederea Recomand cu toată încrederea Recomand cu toată încrederea

For a FREE rating and NO OBLIGATIONS do not hesitate to contact us!

How does a move take place?


We evaluate free of charge and plan your move, according to the particularity of each work.


Furniture packing, and personal belongings, home appliances, fragile kitchen accessories.


Safely transport with vans and trucks adapted to your needs.


We assure the goods from packing, handling and shipping until they get safely into your new home.

     Moving to another house, changing cities or even the country are major changes and sources of stress. Choose MEGAMUTARI, a serious company in the field, to make everything more easier and with fewer chances to encounter inconvenience during the transfer.

     Moving can become a real job, there are many aspects and factors to consider. Your organization may be difficult and is a source of great stress, but with the support of one specialized company can make this moment easier to be administered.

Our Services

Residential moves

Mutări rezidenţiale

Do you want to move?

A consultant will be at your disposal and will help organize the move.
Whether you only have to move furniture or have just painted and have no one to help you arrange things around the house, you have bought a new piece of furniture and you have no one to ​assemble​ it, our professionals will help you with patience and a lot of skill.

You want to move completely, in Cluj Napoca, to another city or even abroad, there is no problem, call us right now at 0748 122 331 and a consultant will be at your disposal, offer you free advice, help organize the move, will provide you with price variations and will even help you make the best decision.

Companies moves

Mutari firme

Do you need a trusted partner for your business?

Whether you move your business from one location to another or just expand, we offer you the best services.
We offer you the best services, whether you move your business from one location to another or just expand, our employees are always at your disposal.

The furniture will be well protected, the documents will be treated with maximum care, and the archive, samples, eventual other products will be well kept in resistant and clean boxes. Our weekend or post-work services will help you overcome this change without disturbing your employees.

Special moves

mutari speciale mutari speciale mutari speciale mutari speciale mutari speciale mutari speciale

Safe transport and handling of bulky or heavy objects in narrow spaces, stairs or rough terrain​.
If you go through the our moves imagine gallery, you will see that for us the transport and safe handling of bulky or heavy objects is not a problem, even if it is necessary to handle them in narrow spaces, stairs or rough terrain.

We offer quality services, protect your property and help you make the right decision when you need it. Special moves do not fit into standard prices, so for a free estimate price please contact us.

Custom purchase (Custom-made shopping)

Cumpărături la comandă de la Ikea, Kika, Mobexpert si nu numar

We buy the requested products and bring them directly to your home.

MEGAMUTARI brings a lot of products and services closer to you and make your life easier, more efficient and productive. We arrive weekly in the largest furniture stores in Bucharest such as Ikea, Kika, Mobexpert and more.

We buy the ordered products and bring them directly to your home for a commission starting from 13%. Choose your favorite products from stores that you can not reach personally and send us their codes at comenzi@megamutari.ro. The commission includes acquisition, transport and home delivery. We can also ensure fitting. Products are delivered every Saturday!


Vă ajutăm cu servicii de împachetare, ambalare, înfoliere

We help you with packing, wrapping, and all is necessary for your furniture or your objects to be safe.

Packing materials can be purchased from us or from your own sources.

If you prefer DIY, you can buy the right packaging for each product, you can find all the professional packaging materials to protect and store your precious, fragile and dear objects for transportation and storage. Packing in intact cardboard boxes, sealed with adhesive tape, using bubble wrap to cover the furniture are just a few ways to protect your personal belongings. Packaging is a non-negligible component of a move, even for a mirror or for an armchair.

Furniture handling

Manipulare mobilă, gestionarea completă a transferului, manipularea mobilei și obiectelor de la o casă la alta

Complete management of the transfer, handling of furniture and objects from one house to another.

Handling is made with the maximum care and attention by our specially trained professionals.

From a studio apartment to a large home, from a furniture to a complete move, on the same street or on the end of the world, we always have the utmost care of your things. We are dedicated to the "key-to-key" formula, which means complete handling of the transfer and handling of furniture and objects from one house to another. We will pack everything inside the furniture, paintings, TV systems, stereo, computers, etc.


Oferim pur şi simplu cele mai bune soluții de transport şi ambalare

The transport is done in full safety conditions, the furniture and all the objects being anchored and protected during transport.
MEGAMUTARI operates in the transportation services sector, providing advice for efficiency and outsourcing of these processes - especially in moves. We simply offer the best transport and packaging solutions.
Years of experience, professionalism and competence allow us to make any move possible.

We take responsibility for keeping your furniture and your items intact without damage during transport and handling! The transport is done in full safety conditions, the furniture and all the objects are anchored and protected during transport. Furniture transports are carried out with vans or closed trucks, clean, spacious and experienced drivers. We guarantee that your goods will arrive on time and in good conditions at your destination!

Furniture assembly

Oferim servicii specializate de asamblare mobilă împachetată Dedeman, IKEA, Praktiker, Jysk, E-mag şi orice alt tip de mobilier

In addition to furniture assembly-disassembly, we also provide relocation related services.

We offer specialized assembly for Dedeman, IKEA, Praktiker, Jysk, E-mag and any other type of furniture:

  • Customized furniture assembly
  • Fitting and suspension kitchen furniture.
  • Shelves cutting
  • Embeddable installation: dishwashers, insert sinks, mixer taps
  • Furniture assembly for dining room, bedroom (wardrobes, beds), sofas.
  • A home or a commercial space doesn’t mean only furniture, so we thought to help you with the following installation services: - sink, hob, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, lighting We also provide relocation services: packing - unpacking, disassembling - reassembling, loading - unloading, transport, furniture placement in rooms, according to the customer's instructions

Rent a van

Oferim serviciul de închiriere dube Oferim serviciul de închiriere dube Oferim serviciul de închiriere dube

You can rent a van-without driver- based on a request one day in advance.

We provide the following types of vans:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Ford Tranzit
  • Iveco

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

  • Transport: Goods
  • Engine: 2004 Diesel
  • Year of manufacture: 2004
  • Transmission: manual
  • Weight: 2850
  • Capacity of transportation: 3500 kg
  • Number of seats: 3
  • Required driving licence category: B
  • Price rent-a-car: / day

Ford Tranzit

  • Transport: Goods
  • Engine: 2400 cmb, Diesel
  • Year of manufacture: 2006
  • Transmission: manual
  • Weight: 2166
  • Capacity of transportation: 3500-6000 kg
  • Number of seats: 3
  • Required driving licence category: B
  • Price rent-a-car: / day


  • Transport: Goods
  • Engine: 2200 cbm, Diesel
  • Year of manufacture: 2017
  • Transmission: manual
  • Weight: 2655
  • Capacity of transportation: 3500 kg
  • Number of seats: 3
  • Required driving licence category: B
  • Price rent-a-car: / day

Maintenance and technical support for buildings

Prin serviciile de mentenanță încercam să asiguram funcționalitatea optimă și corectă a sistemelor dintr-o clădire

The maintenance services ensure the balance between systems from a building.
Maintenance may be done: preventive, predictive or corrective.

Preventive maintenance refers to controlling and replacing outworn components before damage.

The benefits of periodic or regular control are the following:

  • High security while in use
  • Lower costs for replacing equipments
  • Reducing inactivity time
  • Optimized replacment parts stock management
  • Predictive maintenence refers to inspecting the equipments in use
  • Corrective maintenance refers to repairing or replacing components of a damaged equipment



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